Josephine & The Mousepeople

Avi & Danny grew up listening to the post-punk, alternative music of the nineties, a music filled with anger and despair. When coming together to create their own sound, they sought to make something more redemptive, more positive, dare we say joyful? As Josephine & the Mousepeople, they make life-affirming music that can turn a bad mood good, get you dancing, maybe even allow you to see possibilities you never thought possible. J&M’s infectious melodies, backed by rock-solid rhythms, attempt to communicate those indescribable feelings we all have: In an age when we have countless platforms for communication, we struggle more than ever to relate to one another. Integrating electronic music with stripped-down vocals, Josephine & the Mousepeople aim to strike the sweet spot, where the pulse of the machine ends and the human one begins.


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